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    Lucky Black Dude Fucks Three Fat Blondes

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    Lucky Black Dude Fucks Three Fat Blondes

    After horny Lawson calls an escort service, Pink Plush, a redheaded, heavy-set firecracker, arrives to show our mocha-skinned stud a good time. Surprisingly, the doorbell rings again, announcing Angel Reflexion, a blonde, big-boobed heavy hottie. A third ring is the charm, welcoming large and lovely Kendra Kox for a big, fat triple play. Kendra explains that since Lawson is their 500th customer, the agency sent all three for a free roly-poly jackpot. The girls alternately cram his enormous ebony prick down their throats and up their greedy cunts, smothering him with their fabulous fatty flesh while enjoying some lesbian hi-jinx, too, for a moaning, groaning, frenzied fuck fiesta, transporting him to super-fat seventh-heaven. Finally, he pours his splooge into Miss Pink’s mouth, and everyone agrees to do it again sometime.

    Starring: Angel Reflexion , Kendra Kox , Miss Pink Plush 24
    Duration: 26:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1061.01 MB


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