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    Plump, Plush, and Self-Pleasured

    Models: Miss Pink Plush
    Category: Porn Clips / BBW & Fat
    Plump, Plush, and Self-Pleasured

    Miss Pink’s a super-sized, enticing, redheaded, round n’ raunchy, fat girl. While candidly conversing with the camera, Mis Pink shares with us an intimate insight into how a big, wide girl from a small town came to be on Jeff’s Models. Earning money in college as a nude model for art classes and having a higher insatiable sex drive than any of her boyfriends led her to have webcam sex, leading her to us. Having excited herself reminiscing, she sensually fingers her juice box, then breaks out the toys, fucking herself with a colossal dildo, while using a vibrator on her clit to usher in a bunch of gut-wrenching orgasms. Once her itch has been scratched, she ends the scene by giving us her information to follow her online.

    Starring: Miss Pink Plush, 24
    Duration: 23:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 961.01 MB

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