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Bane has no pleasure for Sasha
Bane has no pleasure for Sasha

Categories: BDSM/Bondage
Length: 21 min
Resolution: 1280X720
Format: mp4
Size: 254mb

Sasha Sweet is a natural submissive and a somewhat experienced player in the realm of D/sher all natural and youthful body is a delight to beholdand what a pretty smilewe were all happy and excited to see how she would work out in the realm of tough BDSMWe bring in another LA Dom, Bane, to test SashaBane chooses to begin on Sashas exposed frontweights are hung from forceps on her labia and he tests her taste for crops, clamps, canes and floggersand a breast zipperSasha does very wellIts not until he sets up a predicament with an electrified copper plate under her ass that Sasha begins to sweatand when she does, he gags herhe bands her feet and crops her pussy till its redBane has no pleasure for Sasha.

Bane has no pleasure for Sasha



10 September 2017