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    Pre-Party Fun

    Models: Melody Marks
    Category: Porn Clips / Teeneyger

    Pre-Party Fun

    Lindsey is planning a big party and needs help around the house. Her husband, Donnie, brings home his stepdaughter, Melody. They both think Lindsey is boring and bossy, and neither thinks helping set up the party will be fun. So Donnie and Melody come up with some fun of their own. They blow up balloons on the couch, but underneath the blanket on Melody’s lap, her stepdad rubs her clit. She can feel herself getting wet and knows they could get caught, but Melody is finally starting to have some fun. Donnie takes a considerable risk and gets down on his hands and knees to eat her pussy beneath the blanket. Lindsey, consumed by her party planning, is oblivious to their little rendezvous. Later in the kitchen, Lindsey needs their help counting cutlery. Donnie and Melody want to keep the fun going, so Melody sucks her stepdad’s cock behind the island counter, just out of sight of her bossy stepmom. Things really get fun in the bedroom when Donnie and Melody finally get to fuck. Melody has been thinking about his cock all day and can’t wait to get filled up by her stepdad.

    Starring: Melody Marks
    Duration: 0:47:36 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1074.21 MB

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