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    The Lucky Rebel

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    The Lucky Rebel

    Wendy has always been careful about introducing Lucky to her step-uncle, Nicky. Wendy explains that Nicky has always been a turbulent guy - someone who is mischievous and takes what he wants. However, when Wendy and Lucky get a flat tire, they have no choice but to call Nicky for help. Nicky takes immediate notice of Lucky. She’s a curvy babe with an ass so mouth-wateringly intense that it barely fits in the skimpy shorts she is wearing. Lucky notices Nicky, too. Her step-uncle is kind of hot, and maybe he’s got a big dick. She doesn’t have to wait long to figure out Nicky is into her. Nicky hugs Lucky, reaches around her back, and squeezes her ass hard. The squeeze is an instant turn-on, and feelings of lust flood Lucky’s mind. She knows she has to get her step-uncle to fuck her, and soon. The next day, Lucky puts on a revealing outfit and returns to Nicky’s house to seal the deal. Nicky is stunned, but like the rebel he is, he will gladly fuck his horny step-niece. Lucky is blown away by her step-uncle’s cock, and wastes no time getting it into her mouth. She knows what she is doing is taboo, but his dick feels so good inside of her that she doesn’t care.

    Starring: Wendy Raine, Lucky Anne
    Duration: 0:41:36 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1374.21 MB

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