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    Vanna's Easy A Part 2: Nothing Will Bug Me

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    Vanna's Easy A Part 2: Nothing Will Bug Me

    Vanna's Easy A (Part 2 of 3): After rumors spread out, Vanna’s reputation is at its worst at school. Everyone is saying that she is slut after sleeping with her best friend Codey. Instead of feeling down, she decides to dress provocatively and go full whore-mode, but her mom Alexis and her stepdad Ryan are not too happy about it. When they lecture her about the issue, Ryan reveals that this had already happened to her mom. Feeling mad, Alexis storms out of the room, leaving Ryan and Vanna alone. Determined to help his stepdaughter out, Ryan gives him a practical lesson on how to get out of this messy situation. Ryan fucks Vanna secretly while trying to avoid Alexis to find out. Will this help out Vanna to confront school bullies? More to come in the final episode!

    Starring: Vanna Bardot, Alexis Abbey
    Duration: 0:52:36 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1974.21 MB

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