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    Immaculate Erection (1992)

    Models: Francesca Le
    Immaculate Erection (1992)

    Horny housewife Meg (Ona Zee) is trying to get pregnant. In seductive lingerie that clings to her sensual skin, she tantalizes her husband Walter until he gives it to her anywhere, anytime, anyplace. But something is wrong. Or is it? They visit the devious Dr. Drake, who eagerly demonstrates the lustful technique with his willing nurse. And soon Meg and Walter realize the error of their sexual ways. They have been going about it ass back-wards! But what an ass, and what fun they're having! An anal action film sure to get you hot!

    Immaculate Erection (1992)

    Starring: Francesca Le, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Samantha York, Ona Zee
    Resolution: 640x480 Format: mp4 Size: 1554.56 MB

    Scene 1 Ona Z, Marc Wallice
    Scene 2 Francesca Le, TT Boy
    Scene 3 Ona Z, Samantha York
    Scene 4 Samantha York, Marc Wallice
    Scene 5 Meekah, Peter North

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