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    Suze's Centerfolds 2 (1979)

    Models: Dana Dennis
    Suze's Centerfolds 2 (1979)

    8 sizzling scenes. Starring 10 of the hottest stars of '79. Suze the hottest International sex photographer leaves her shutter agate and her flash on high in this torrid tale of the film

    Suze's Centerfolds 2 (1979)

    Starring: Yvette, Robyn, Suzette, Angela, Betty Jo, Jeanie, Yvette, Kevin James, Randy West, Laurie Smith
    Resolution: 640x480 Format: mp4 Size: 654.56 MB

    Scene 1 Dana Dennis, Terry Galko, Bud Wise
    Scene 2 Piper Smith, Randy West
    Scene 3 Renee LaPaz, Kevin James
    Scene 4 Cody Nicole, Tony
    Scene 5 Lolita

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