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    Lady in Spain (1994)

    Models: Draghixa, Janey Lamb
    Lady in Spain (1994)

    With "Lady In Spain", you'll feel the full heat of the Spanish sun and our insatiable senoritas who, their voracious desire for extreme sex, are constantly on the look out for the next brutish and depraved orgy.

    Lady in Spain (1994)

    Starring: Stephanie Hart-Rogers, Drajica Laurent, Samantha Shamal, Rosanna Melendez, Janey Lamm, Eric Weiss, Richard Voisin, Albert Sanchez, Mark Lukather, Peter Allen
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    Scene 1 Rosanna Melendez, Alberto Rey, Richard Langin
    Scene 2 Draghixa, Janey Lamb, Richard Langin
    Scene 3 Gilly Sampson, 2 guys
    Scene 4 Draghixa, Samantha Shamal, Alberto Rey, Richard Langin
    Scene 5 Janey Lamb, Rosanna Melendez, guy, Richard Langin
    Scene 6 Draghixa, Gilly Sampson, 2 guys, Alberto Rey
    Scene 7 Draghixa, Janey Lamb, Rosanna Melendez, Samantha Shamal, Gilly Sampson, Alberto Rey, Eric Weiss, guys, Richard Langin

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