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    Loose Ends 2 (1986)

    Models: Bionca, Erica Boyer
    Loose Ends 2 (1986)

    The anal rituals of Loose Ends #02 have been finally orchestrated by the master of debauchery, Bruce Seven. This film is a monument to his unending quest of this favorite obsession. In no other film on the market today can you find such diversity of anal rights and rituals as in Loose Ends #02.

    Loose Ends 2 (1986)

    Starring: Bionca, Erica Boyer, Penny Morgan, Kelli Richards, Leona Swift, Troy Tanier, Francois Papillon, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Dennis Cowan
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    Scene 1 Bionca, Dennis Conan
    Scene 2 Bionca
    Scene 3 Bionca, Erica Boyer
    Scene 4 Rachel Ryan, Francois, Peter North
    Scene 5 Erica Boyer, Marc Wallice
    Scene 6 Bionca, Erica Boyer
    Scene 7 Keli Richards, Bunnie Blake, Dennis Conan, Troy Tannier
    Scene 8 Bionca, Keli Richards, Bunnie Blake
    Scene 9 Rachel Ryan, Troy Tannier
    Scene 10 Erica Boyer, Francois
    Scene 11 Bionca, Marc Wallice
    Scene 12 Bionca, Erica Boyer, David Quick

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