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    Screwged Part 2: Plans for the Present

    Models: Sheena Ryder

    Screwged Part 2: Plans for the Present

    Screwged (Part 2 of 3): Convinced that her encounter with the Ghost of Xmas Past was a dream, Sheena tries to calm her nerves. But her lessons in humility aren’t over. Whitney, Sheena’s old assistant, appears in her living room as the Ghost of Xmas Present. Whitney holds a tremendous grudge against Sheena and points out her former boss's greed and self-obsession. Whitney transports both of them to the home of Sheena’s stepdaughter’s Fiance’s family. The family is what Sheena considers “poor,” and she has nothing but resentment for them. Angel, Lily, Elias, and Jack talk of Sheena abjectly, noting her greed and coldness. Rion, Penelope’s fiance, attempts to defend Sheena but is interrupted by a phone call from Penelope. Sheena does not want her daughter to live a life of squalor, so she demands Whitney allow her to intervene. Whitney agrees, brings them to Rion’s bedroom, and makes it so he can see them. Sheena lies, tells Rion that Penelope has been cheating on him, and makes a deal with Rion so that he never reaches out to Penelope again. Brokenhearted, he agrees. Sheena and Whitney make quick work of Rion, sucking his cock, and letting him fuck them hard. But is this also all a dream, and will Sheena be able to redeem herself? Only part 3 will tell all…

    Starring: Sheena Ryder , Whitney Wright , Rion King
    Duration: 0:37:36 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1574.21 MB

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