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    Li Er Has Sex With Her Uncle On New Year’s Night

    Models: Li Er

    Li Er Has Sex With Her Uncle On New Year’s Night

    Li Er is a hard-working girl who lives with her mom and her uncle. She works so hard that she can’t even make it back home for the New Year dinner in time. And once she got back late at night, her mom was very angry with her. But her uncle was there to comfort the young brunette Li. The uncle is the closest thing she has to a father and she likes him very much. So much so that she wants to learn calligraphy from him. As the uncle and niece were practicing calligraphy, they talked and somehow they ended up talking about the uncle’s biggest fantasy. His fantasy is to practice his calligraphy on the naked body of a woman. Li liked the idea and offered herself as a model for her uncle’s fantasy. She has a killer body and those brush strokes on her skin got her pretty horny. The uncle was also horny. Who would resist such a gorgeous skinny babe with such great round titties? The two of them knew that what they did was sinful, but neither of them could stop. The uncle started playing with her tits and Li got so horny that she got on her knees and started sucking on his dick. She looks so hot sucking cock in POV. After she got her uncle hard, he returned the favor with some wild fingering and then made her taste her own pussy by sucking on his fingers. She then got on top of her uncle to ride his cock like a slut on the floor of the living room while her mom was sleeping next door. They fucked in so many positions before they both came at the same time. It’s such a nice way of spending New Year’s Eve with the family.

    Starring: Li Er
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