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    Idol Minnie Gets Blackmailed By Her Manager

    Models: Minnie

    Idol Minnie Gets Blackmailed By Her Manager

    Minnie is a massive Idol. Everyone wants a picture with her. And she’s running a special campaign in which she cosplays a student who’s about to be kidnapped. Three lucky fans got the chance to take a picture with her wearing face masks. The idea of being kidnapped made her so horny. After the photo shoot, while she was waiting for her manager to clean up the venue, she decided to call her boyfriend. And because she was horny, she started stripping and playing with her pussy in a cam sex session. What she didn’t know was that her manager was spying on her. Not only that but he also took a video of her masturbating. Such a video could ruin her career. Fans don’t like it when their beloved idols are acting like sluts. And so, he used the video to blackmail Minnie into having sex with him. That’s a tough decision for Minnie. But she accepted for the sake of her career. However, she was so mad at first. The anger didn’t last long, because once she got on her knees and took off the pants of her blackmailer, she uncovered a massive dick. She has never seen such a massive cock. And you can see it on her face how anger turns into lust and how she begins to like the idea of a masked man blackmailing and using her for sex. Especially when the blackmailer started fingering her pussy and stretching it with his massive cock. She got fucked so hard and had so many orgasms. And she always asked for more. In the end, her blackmailer came in her mouth. Like that wasn’t enough, after she got fucked and jizzed, her boyfriend called her. And she lied about her blackmail adventure.

    Starring: Minnie
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