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    Tool Time

    Models: Jewell Marceau

    Tool Time

    Jewell is a stunningly hot milf, but her husband, Shooter, can’t seem to remember that. He always has his face buried in something to do with the hardware store they own, and when he forgets their anniversary, it sets Jewell over the edge. Jewell confides in Mike, their employee. She swears she could give Mike a blowjob, and her husband wouldn’t even notice. After saying it, the idea sounded like a good time. Jewell gets down on her knees and blows Mike right then and there. Mike can’t believe this is happening and is fearful they’ll get caught. But once he sees how self-absorbed Shooter really is, Mike knows he’s in the clear. With a newfound reason to come to work, Jewell, in a tight, skimpy red dress, shows off her body to Mike. She wants his cock again, and she knows she can get it even with her husband right there. Shooter leaves for the bank, so Jewell and Mike take the opportunity to fuck. Mike’s cock feels indescribably good. It’s been a while since Jewell’s been fucked, so this attention is a godsend.

    Starring: Jewell Marceau , Mike Mancini
    Duration: 0:31:36 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1374.21 MB


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