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    Lauren Loves Creampies

    Models: Lauren Phillips

    Lauren Loves Creampies

    Lauren is an exemplary housewife. She keeps things in order, watches over the family, and, most importantly, is an easy ten out of ten babe on the “smoking hot milf” scale. But Lauren has a particular kink. Lauren loves creampies. Nothing excites her more than having her pussy filled with a massive, hot load of cum. She loves the sensation from start to finish. From the first pump all the way to the load dripping out of her lips and running down the side of her leg, she can’t get enough. Lauren even made her husband get a vasectomy so he could cum in her time and time again, filling her up with each and every load he has to offer. This little kink has been their secret and something they shared passionately for a while - until now. It just isn’t the same getting loaded up with a bunch of cum when the thrill factor is gone. Lauren wants fresh meat and a load from a young stud. For her, the excitement is all about the forbidden fruit. Diving deep into something taboo and new and getting fucked by the neighborhood handyman is just the exhilaration she’s looking for.

    Starring: Lauren Phillips , Oliver Davis
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