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    Taking it Hard and Deep, 1

    Models: Allison Moore
    Taking it Hard and Deep, 1

    Allison is a feast of beauty...Long amber hair, full breasts, curvy with great lines...but it takes more than charming looks to be a good's all about attitude...sexual servitude is the key for any successful whore...and this is Allison's finishing school...We have her whore herself up for us in a corset and stockings, then we cage her...Today, Dick is her trainer...His job is to deconstruct Allison to find those primal places where she gives of herself while being fucked or used...and in this giving, or sacrifice, Allison finds her deepest pleasures as well...Every whore should learn to enjoy her job and Dick brings her much pleasure as he rips it from her at the same time...

    Actors: Allison Moore
    Duration: 46:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1591.01 MB

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