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    Bad Bad Fucked By Gangster In Front Of Her Cucked Husband

    Models: Bad Bad

    Bad Bad Fucked By Gangster In Front Of Her Cucked Husband

    Here’s a classic story. A man is in huge debt with the mafia and he has no way of making the money to pay back his loan. But the gangster has an idea. he offers to give him some money if the man brings his wife over for some sex. The wife is Bad Bad and she is a good loving housewife. And the husband is a nerd with no balls. He can’t even tell his wife that she’s going to be pimped out. He told her that she just had to clean the house of this gangster. She agreed and they went to the house of the gangster where Bad Bad learned the truth. The cuck husband begged Bad Bad to have sex with the gangster. And even though she felt horrible about it, she agreed, so that she could pay back the loan of her stupid husband. Even though the gangster is ten times the man her hubby is, she is still not feeling well about it. Not even when she had to suck his cock and discovered that he is packing a massive dick. But all her regret and shame scattered away once the gangster put that fat cock inside her pussy she changed her mind. With every pump of the cock, she fell more and more in love with the bad boy. She got fucked while her cucked husband was helplessly watching. He never fucked Bad Bad so hard and so long. She even got on top and rode his dick with so much lust and passion in her eyes. They fucked until they were covered in sweat and after the gangster came all over her body, he let her know that it was just the first session. He’ll fuck her all night!

    Starring: Bad Bad
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