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    Boba Tea Girl Exploited By Her Boss For Profit

    Models: Li Nana

    Boba Tea Girl Exploited By Her Boss For Profit

    Li Nana is a boba tea girl and she is working for a boss who is exploiting her for his profit. He knows that men are crazy for her titties and she makes her wear revealing clothes so that more and more clients will by from his stand. And he has another business venture in mind. He wants to start selling sex supplements. So he sets up a shop and a live stream to prove that his supplements work. And the pills that he’s selling work on both men and women. To prove the efficiency of his pills, he uses Li Nana as an advertisement. He makes her dress up in a sexy red dress and has her take one pill in front of his potential clients and all the viewers on his livestream. He also gives four pills to one of the clients. To prove how horny the boba tea girl got, he gives her sex toys that she would use on herself. Things go crazy pretty soon and the guy who took the four pills is invited to fuck the boba tea girl. Since they’re both under the influence of the miracle sex supplement, they get to it right away. And they have a marvelous sex experience. Even without a pill, the gorgeous tits of Li Nana would get any man hard. But with these pills, the two lovers are really into each other. The guy worships her perfect titties and she sucks his dick with so much passion. And then they fuck like there’s no tomorrow. Her pussy got completely ravished and she had so many orgasms. And at the end of it all, the sexy boba tea girl got a massive cumshot all over her marvelous breasts.

    Starring: Li Nana
    Duration: 32:75 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1974.21 MB

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