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    Gia's First Training Session

    Models: Gia Paige
    Gia's First Training Session

    Gia looks like a precious, pristine and pleasant girl next door...Those big blue eyes are charming and alluring...and what lay behind those eyes is my sterious...she comes to us with fantasies of consensual long fantasies of her own surrender to a dominant male, that surrender will be transformed into submission by Feenix...Gia will be trained to accept those fantasies as her finally endure what she has been fantasizing about, but this time, she will have to accept her desires...A dominant does not force...a dominant is a guide that uses force to induce submission...Gia follows his lead into her own deconstruction...a dance right through her nightmares...She is timid but shows much courage and the reward is her own intense orgasms which Feenix induces and allows as her training progresses...Gia has been kinky in her dreams for a long time...This training brings those kinky dreams to life and helps her understand her own mysterious nature...

    Actors: Gia Paige
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