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    Extreme Scenes with Kymberly

    Models: Kymberly Jane
    Extreme Scenes with Kymberly

    Kymberly has always been willing to try anything that I've come up with...She has a great attitude and is the type of person who puts herself fully in to whatever she chooses to do, which is a very healthy submissive perspective...She does have limits...she doesnt do sex with men for money, which is the only reason you dont see me stuffing my fingers inside her...she doesnt see BDSM as sexually intimate...she sees it as an experience beyond sex, which is also another good perspective for a serious submissive...What it all means is that I get to try extreme rigs and predicaments that I don't approach other models with, and we end up with some really outrageous and rare content...this was just one of those days and it was my pleasure..

    Actors: Kymberly Jane
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