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    Kendra Lyn and JJ get 10 years

    Models: Kendra Lyn
    Kendra Lyn and JJ get 10 years

    Kendra and JJ are getting ten years for the same crime but not going to be able to hang out together in prison. They come in cuffed behind the back with leg irons chained to one another. They are searched and Kendra is stripped search on film ( JJ is not ). They both get long white socks and Kendra gets white cotton panties for under her black and whites and JJ gets boxers and a tank. They sit together on the bench white chained together and then are taken to another room where they pull their socks up over their pants. Next they are hogcuffed on the floor together and their shoes come off. When the guard returns he lets them sit up and they put their shoes on and are taken away.

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