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    Ophelia is VERY committed

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    Ophelia is VERY committed

    Ophelia tells the woman who is interviewing her that she is VERY committed to this hospital. The woman is absolutely delighted that Ophelia is so committed. After the papers are signed it is time to get Ophelia into uniform, only it isn’t your typical hospital scrubs, it is spandex pants and a sheer top, straitjacket and ballgag. Ophelia is a bit confused but finds herself being strapped in. Now she is truly committed as a patient and not as an employee. She is strapped to a transport chair and then pushed to her new home, a bed alone in a room with microfoam tape sealing in her ballgag. She is strapped to the bed and left. Her glasses have been removed and some time a leather blindfold is added. A few months have gone by and Ophelia has settled into her new life there. She is even turned on by the bindings.

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