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    All leathered up

    Models: Amateur
    All leathered up

    I’m in a leather armbinder, catsuit, posture collar and big spider gag for one of those special $100 birthday customs I offered, but a little personalization was taken out. I’m a little what I refer to as ropey dopey right away. I move around the bedroom and show off the bondage and then head down the hallway and the steps to the main floor. The steps prove to be very scary in the posture collar and 5″ boots but I make it safely, with just a few collar bone bruises from trying to look down. Before heading down the stairs my gag is changed to a big ballgag (off screen). I pace around and show off the bondage and then appear hooded in a bit gag and waist chain. Next I’m on the floor with the waist chain connected to my ankles and finally I appear in a hogtie. Next time I’ll vacuum up the pup hair before wearing a cotton catsuit on the floor

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