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    Silky (1980)

    Models: Merle Michaels
    Silky (1980)

    Hi, my skin is soft and silky, all my lovers call me Silky."
    So purrs beautiful blonde bombshell, Merle Michaels, as she takes us on a journey of her sexual exploits, plus those of some of her highly erotic friends.
    "Silky" is a wall to wall, high voltage, sextravaganza. Some of Silky's friends include Gloria Leonard, newcomer Latina Sandi Suarez and the ever beautiful Robin Byrd.
    Ms. Leonard's adventure details a day with her hairdresser (Sandi Suarez). These two have the largest set of breasts ever seen at the same time on the blue screen. They have a ball exploring each other in depth. Never before has a scene like this been shown. It's totally outrageous and sinsationally shocking.
    Robin Byrd plays a newlywed who goes on a business trip with her husband. The hotel personnel never had it so good.
    And of course, Merle Michaels recreates session after session of fiery sex in this smoldering sensational treat.

    Silky (1980)

    Starring: Hillary Summers, Robin Byrd, Merle Michaels, Chritine De Shaffer, Sandi Suarez, Gloria Leonard
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    Scene 1 Merle Michaels, George Payne, R. Bolla
    Scene 2 Merle Michaels, Ron Hudd
    Scene 3 Monica Devon, David Savage
    Scene 4 Merle Michaels, Roy Stuart
    Scene 5 Christine DeShaffer, Hillary Summers, Bobby Astyr, Ashley Moore
    Scene 6 Merle Michaels, George Payne
    Scene 7 Gloria Leonard, Sandi Suarez
    Scene 8 Merle Michaels, Marc Valentine
    Scene 9 Robin Byrd, Ron Jeremy
    Scene 10 Robin Byrd, Rick Iverson, Ron Jeremy
    Scene 11 Robin Byrd, David Ruby, Ron Jeremy
    Scene 12 Merle Michaels, R. Bolla

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