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    Club 66 (1981)

    Models: Christine Black
    Club 66 (1981)

    The Owners of the Club 66 are on the search for new members. They have asked some of their girls to help them out by testing to see if and how well these potential new members will hold up under the pressure.

    Club 66 (1981)

    Starring: Christine Black
    Resolution: 640x480 Format: mp4 Size: 754.56 MB

    Scene 1 Christine Black, Unknown Male 781154-A
    Scene 2 Unknown Female 781154-A, Unknown Male 781154-B
    Scene 3 Unknown Female 781154-B, Unknown Male 781154-C
    Scene 4 Unknown Female 781154-C, Chris Berger
    Scene 5 Heidi, Jan Boven
    Scene 6 Unknown Female 716069-B, Unknown Male 716069-C
    Scene 7 Unknown Female 717410-B, Unknown Male 781154-C
    Scene 8 Adi Apffel, Unknown Male 781154-C
    Scene 9 Jutta Eimann, Unknown Male 781154-C

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