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    Collared and Enslaved

    Models: Taki Tsunami
    Collared and Enslaved

    Taki looked mouthwatering in the tight black dress and thigh high boots...She is left, bound and waiting for me to enter, and it doesnt take me long t o get her out of her clothes...I lay down the law with a few flogger strokes and leave her again, this time, naked with a tight crotch rope...Her long, lean body looks amazing spread eagle on the bed...she cums well, over and over...On her tummy, with legs spread and hands cuffed behind her back, her round ass makes a perfect target for the punishment she needs...Finally, tied to a chair, with legs spread, she becomes a helpless, orgasmic display...

    Actors: Taki Tsunami
    Duration: 57:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1451.01 MB

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