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    Impulses 5 (2023)

    Impulses 5 (2023)

    They can't resist their impulses. Since moving to Barcelona, Clemence Audiard has made a habit of strolling along the beach as often as she can after her long days at work. Today, the pretty redhead decided to spice up her evening a little by inviting Kristof Cale and Tommy Cabrio, her two regular lovers, to come and have a drink at her place. Naturally, the two men know nothing about each other and are "surprised", to say the least, to meet under such circumstances. Clémence, who is used to having only one partner, will for once have two men ready to satisfy her every impulse.

    Pulsions 5 / Impulses 5 (2023)

    Starring: Agatha Vega, Clemence Audiard, Angie Lynx, Carollina Cherry, Sata Jones, Mary Popiense, Kristof Cale, Tommy Cabrio, Paulo Bangkok
    Category: French, Feature, MILF, Anal, Big Tits, Cumshots, Facials, Lesbians, Redheads, Lingerie, Threesomes
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