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    High Rise (1972)

    Models: Tamie Trevor
    High Rise (1972)

    Tamie Trevor is having a tough time with her sex life so her doctor recommends that she have some adventures. Her apartment hopping in search of the same provides the premise, as she wanders through the high rise meeting both interesting and oddball characters. The three way lesbian scene is 1st rate, as is the scene with Harry Reens, forever memorable in an engineers hat playing with his elaborate train sets. French actress Marielle Renaud appeared in a number of American films and john Clemens (Devil in Miss Jones) plays Tamie's husband.

    High Rise (1972)

    Starring: Tamie Trevor, Jamie Gillis, Harry Reems, Marc Stevens, Marielle Renaud, John Clemens
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    Scene 1 Tamie Trevor, Harry Reems
    Scene 2 Jutta David, Mireille Renaud, Tamie Trevor
    Scene 3 Tamie Trevor, Jamie Gillis
    Scene 4 Barbara Benner, Tamie Trevor, Jamie Gillis
    Scene 5 2 faceless girls, girl, Cindy West, Stephanie Skura, Tamie Trevor, Darby Lloyd Rains, faceless guy, Guy Thomas, Marc Stevens
    Scene 6 Tamie Trevor, John Clemens

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