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    Xiaomei sucks and fucks a customer while she is online live in her chat room

    Models: Ranako

    Xiaomei sucks and fucks a customer while she is online live in her chat room

    Xiaomei has been selling things online for years. She loves to be watched as she hawks her goods. There is a whole chatroom filled with people watching her and chatting with her. She has become very familiar to her audience and they love to see what she is wearing each time she gets online. Today she is wearing one of her white dresses with a plunging neck line. She loves to show off her tits and the more she shows the more products she seems to sell. She also likes to back up her goods with a guarantee. She has said that if she ever sold something that was not real, a fake, you could come to her studio and challenge her. If it was a fake, you could fuck her and fill her pussy with your cum. She backs her goods with a cream pie guarantee. So it seems that one of her online admirers decided to take the challenge. He had been watching her for some time and now he wants to meet her. This cream pie challenge seemed like a good way to get to see her in person. He is a boss of a local group of businessmen and knows many people so was able to get in to see her. He got a hold of some of her fake purses and took it to see her to challenge her. He was hard the minute he walked in her studio and since she was online live, she would have to open the box and show everyone it was fake. When she realized he had one of her fake goods, she was going to have to make due on her promise. He pulled out his dick and right there in front of the live camera he had her mouth on his dick. And then, he pulled out his sex toys so they could have some fun.

    Starring: Ranako
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