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    Mamma's Lustful Desires (2023)

    Models: Jana, Monika
    Mamma's Lustful Desires (2023)

    Everyone thinks they should be taking it easy at their time of life, but that’s not the version of reality that the likes of Irena and Valeria have adopted that’s for sure. Indeed, they’re clearly determined to grab life by both balls (excuse the pun); taking each and every opportunity to enjoy as much sexual fun as it’s possible to get at their more mature stage in life. What’s more, there’s plenty of young lads who are only too happy to make their dreams come true; as these ageing fillies put their younger counterparts to shame in what can only best be described as a suck-and-fuck-fest par excellence. Little wonder those horny lads who are lucky enough to satisfy them are soon blasting fabulous wads of cum in all directions!

    Mamma's Lustful Desires (2023)

    Starring: Lukas, Irena, Adam, Valeria, Vit, Jana, Monika, Mario, Milena
    Category: French, MILF, Mature, Cumshots, Facials, France, Outdoors, Public
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