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    Jin and her friends take a boat ride and she fucks the captain

    Models: Jinbaona

    Jin and her friends take a boat ride and she fucks the captain

    Jin has been with her lover for several months now. She is graduating soon and is deciding what she should do. It has become a bit boring with Simon as they always do the same things. But today he has decided to take her and her friend out on a boat for a day cruise. It was a lovely day for a cruise and they brought some cigars and something to imbibe with them on the boat. The captain welcomed them onboard. He was very young to be a captain and handsome too. Jin noticed him right away. She continues to party with her lover and her friend and enjoy the afternoon. But she decides to go check on this captain and see what she can do. She finds him at the helm of the ship and starts a chat with him. She shows interest in his boat and how to navigate. He begins to show her how the controls work. She is very taken by him and decides to play a game with him. She takes his captain’s hat and runs downstairs. He follows her and she playfully fights him off. But now that he is so close to him she reaches for him and kisses him. Since they are alone down below she takes her time to kiss him and take off his clothes. This is the kind of excitement that she was looking for. And now she was hungry for his cock, and she pulled it out to suck on. This was beginning to be the greatest boat ride he had ever had!

    Starring: Jinbaona
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