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    Everything She's Got

    Models: Tiffany Brookes

    Everything She's Got

    Tiffany's kind of got those super model looks, long legs that go on for miles...a smooth slender figure. We figured it'd be nice to get a good look an d thus we did as Tiffany stripped down before our very eyes...We got up close and personal when she spread wide and popped a finger in her pussy. She knows how to work it and we're glad that she does...Formalities aside, we bound the babe tight...hands behind her back and then we tossed her on the bed. Tiffany gave us an exhibition of will power, but that wasn't all she showed us, we took even more time to study her body while she was in our binds...Next, we spread her wide on the bed and clamped her nipples before we stretched and pulled them tight. For something a bit different, we broke out the G5 and got it up right in her. We watched her writhe as she fucked back hard and gave it everything she's got..

    Actors: Tiffany Brookes
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