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    The Helplessness of the Ropes

    Models: Hyley Winters
    The Helplessness of the Ropes

    I take my time with Hyley...she is progressively tied until she is hogtied on the floor with a vibrator between her legs...I love to watch them feel t he helplessness of the ropes as their power is taken away with each piece...This is Hyley's first time being bound...the sexy, blue eyed, blonde knows what is coming, she just doesnt know what it feels like yet...The next scene sees her legs spread wide for full pussy access and pleasure...the she is tied on a bench, with her hands behind her back....her legs are pulled up in the air, and I get the dildo right where it needs to be and tie it in place...In the final scene, Hyley nearly falls off the bench trying to endure the vibrator on her pussy...Enjoy, Ogre...

    Actors: Hyley Winters
    Duration: 57:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1441.01 MB

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