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    Objectifying Alli

    Models: Alli Rae

    Objectifying Alli

    Alli Rae made her stunning debut on PerfectSlave earlier this year...We were all floored by her intense beauty and willingness to suffer through tough bondage...I am very happy to say that we got her back for more and she does not disappoint...Alli's physical perfection is not shy...the natural blonde hair, the amazing body, ripe tits, shapely ass and her wonderous pink pussy...But it is her will to endure, suffer and submit that we truly appreciate....In scene after scene, she proves her love for submission as I keep pushing her boundaries...In the end, her pussy steals the show...she experiences rolling after the other...her body betrays her and the pleasure backfires, and I leave Alli stretched, spread and pleading for help...a glorious example of a beautiful and strong-willed woman allowing herself to be guided into her own masochistic desires for our viewing pleasure...

    Actors: Alli Rae
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