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    Lustful Torment

    Models: Mallory Murphy
    Lustful Torment

    Mallory has given her entire sexual life to the camera, and wonders why she needs to be tormented to feel anything. She is a 19 year old all natural g irl, who just wants to be normal in this world that she has created...not gonna happen… Although, I will make sure that she feels everything that I do to her… First, a strappado with some reddening of the ass, then i tie her to a chair and turn up the heat. It's clear to all that this little girl wants to be punished. Next, she is bound tightly on the box and I administer some electrical stimulation to her thighs and abs. To finish her, I do a standing spread and give her more impact than she has ever had to deal with. I have worked with lots of models, and this is by far the top in terms of enjoying what I put her through...

    Actors: Mallory Murphy
    Duration: 53:17 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1211.01 MB

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