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    Its Going To Be You Or A Stranger

    Models: Jackie Hoff
    Its Going To Be You Or A Stranger

    Parker Ambrose can't help but overhear his stepmom, Jackie Hoff, making plans to meet someone and fuck them. He knocks on the door and barges in to find Jackie in her bra and thong, deciding on an outfit. Jackie tries to lie about what she was going to do, but Parker isn't about to let her get away with it.
    When Jackie hears that Parker won't let her leave the house tonight, she announces that that's fine but that means he's going to fuck her. That way, Parker definitely won't tell his dad about Jackie's infidelity and Jackie still gets satisfied. Shoving Parker onto the bed, she pulls his dick out to find it nice and hard. Of course she begins sucking him off right away, stroking him and even delivering a big titty fuck.

    Starring: Jackie Hoff
    Duration: 0:27:36 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1674.21 MB

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