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    Flavor Of The Month Andi Rose

    Models: Andi Rose
    Category: Porn Clips / Teeneyger
    Flavor Of The Month Andi Rose

    Andi Rose is looking hot as hell in her cute new dress for the Daddy Daughter dance. She shows it off to her stepdad, Will Pounder, then takes a seat on his lap while asking him to teach her how to dance so she knows what to do with boys her own age. Will tells Andi that he'll be happy to teach her before the dance, but he has some errands to run first.
    Later, Andi takes the time to get herself all made up for the dance. Will shows up at her door looking nice and dapper, but Andi says that she still needs to learn how to dance. After Will shows her some dance steps, Andi requests that he shows her the other special dance he knows how to do. Will puts up a token resistance, but Andi is already on her knees and popping his dick from his pants.

    Starring: Andi Rose
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