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    A lovely queen, Miss Meng Ruoyu teaches a client how to obey her

    Models: Meng Ruoyu

    A lovely queen, Miss Meng Ruoyu teaches a client how to obey her

    Meng Ruoyu is a hot and sexy queen. She spends her days taming men that come to visit her. Today we find her in her room enjoying the afternoon when a docile young Taiwan man comes in. He addresses her as queen and she tells him to kneel before her. She is wearing her black leather and latex outfit. It is a bikini one piece with a thong bottom. She has her chains on and her whip out. This docile man is going to learn how to treat a woman and also what to do when he enters a room with a queen inside. She tells him to take off his jacket as she stands up. She pushes her shoe into a piece of cake that is on a plate on the floor. She lifts her leg and points her shoe toward him and tells him to eat the cake off her shoe. She is going to make him hers. He is going to learn that what he eats, she allows and directs. She tells him to take off his clothes. He is then handcuffed to the wall as she pulls out his cock from his underwear. He has opted for the b0ndage in this fantasy room and she is going to make him pay for it. She bends over and teases his cock with her ass. He is hard and she slides his cock into her pussy from behind doggy style. She uses him like a sex toy. Go see what else she does to her new toy in the full video.

    Starring: Meng Ruoyu
    Duration: 41:15 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1224.21 MB

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