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    Slutty Schoolgirl Stacy Chooses Bad-Boy Over Nerd

    Models: Stacy

    Slutty Schoolgirl Stacy Chooses Bad-Boy Over Nerd

    This is the dirty story of Stacy, a smart and slutty schoolgirl who loves getting fucked. But she doesn’t want to be fucked by any nerd. That’s why she puts her nerd neighbor in a friend zone. This shy nerd was taking English lessons from Stacy and was always in love with her, thinking she would make the perfect girlfriend. One day, before she announces that she’ll leave town for a year, he gathers up his courage and decides to confess his love. He buys flowers and goes to her door. But little does he know that Stacy is not the good schoolgirl he thinks she is. In fact, she’s in her apartment with her boyfriend, who is fucking her like a slut. The nerd waits outside the door, knocking and ringing, hoping to make Stacy his girlfriend. But she is there sucking dick and getting fucked in all positions. She is moaning loud like a bitch, and the nerd gets curious. So he enters her apartment and sees her getting fucked. He’s heartbroken! But the bad boy is fucking his crush so well that even he gets horny. So he starts jerking off behind the door without Stacy and her boyfriend noticing. He’s cumming and crying at the same time. Then he decides to disappear, leaving behind his flowers next to the puddle of cum on his crush’s floor. Stacy only notices the cum and the flowers after her boyfriend is done fucking her and jizzes all over her sexy back.

    Starring: Stacy
    Duration: 29:15 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1724.21 MB

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