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    Adventures on the Orient Express (1996)

    Models: Anita Blond
    Adventures on the Orient Express (1996)

    A woman tired of her married life takes the Orient Express on a trip to celebrate her fifth anniversary. She sees it as an opportunity to meet new people and live new adventure. During the trip she will meet the following people: A couple of thieves of international renown, an impoverished marquis and his undercover woman. A disinherited adventurer, and two undercover police agents. Bored and lonely, the beautiful woman accepts the courtmanship of three men she meets on the train: First, an American businessman, then a Hapsburgic officer, and lastly a Spanish bullfighter. In the end we find out that these three are none other than the lady's husband whom, cleverly disguised, has impersonated the three men in order to play an erotic game with the intent of awakening the passion between his wife and himself

    Adventures on the Orient Express (1996)

    Starring: Nikita, Anita Blond, Bialt Walton, Eva Blair, Nonika Kiss, Valentino
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    Scene 1. Monika Kiss, Valentino
    Scene 2. Kethrin Brut, John Walton
    Scene 3. Monika Kiss, Valentino
    Scene 4. Nikita Gross, Frank Gun
    Scene 5. Christina, Andrea Nobili
    Scene 6. Kethrin Brut, Marcello Toth
    Scene 7. Kethrin Brut, Leslie Taylor, Paul Kreese
    Scene 8. Andrea Szabo, Eniko Wrabel, Christina, Frank Gun
    Scene 9. Monika Kiss, Valentino
    Scene 10. Anita Blond, Frank Gun
    Scene 11. Christina, Mike Foster

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