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    You Need To Cum Before The Timer Goes Off

    Models: Sierra Spunk
    You Need To Cum Before The Timer Goes Off

    Sierra Spunk is doing dishes in the sink while her stepson, Juan Loco, watches. With a busty stepmom like that, why wouldn't Juan have his eyes glued to her tits? After all, Sierra is wearing a top that really shows those sweater puppies off. She point blank tells Juan she's not going to fuck him, but he can touch them. Eventually, she declares that that's enough and kicks Juan out of the kitchen.
    The encounter gets Sierra thinking, and she realizes that maybe fucking Juan is exactly what her pussy needs. Decking herself out in a lingerie getup with plenty of straps that hug her curves, Sierra goes to Juan's room. Strutting in, she takes charge by popping Juan's hardon out of his pants between teasing words and then strokes and sucks him to prove she's not kidding. When Juan is a believer of his own good luck, Sierra takes things further.

    Starring: Sierra Spunk
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