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    Bringing The 80s Back

    Models: Shay Sights
    Bringing The 80s Back

    Shay Sights is dressed as an 80s fitness instructor. She's waiting for Zane Walker, a football player that she's coaching. When Zane arrives, she keeps smacking his butt until he questions it. That lets her turn around and insist that Zane slaps her ass. She keeps him doing it again and again until she's satisfied with the action.
    Turning back to face Zane, Shay whips those big sweater puppies out and informs Zane that she's not his mommy. She wants a hot workout, and that's going to begin with Zane squeezing her tits. Zane does as he's told and then watches in shock as Shay falls onto the couch and rips the crotch right out of her own leggings. With a blatant invitation to stick it in, Zane can't possibly say no.

    Starring: Shay Sights
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