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    Bad Bad Fucks Her Karate Master In The Dojo

    Models: Bad Bad

    Bad Bad Fucks Her Karate Master In The Dojo

    Bad Bad looks so cute in a kimono. She is training hard to be a better fighter and asks her master to teach her how to control her punches better. But when the master gets close to her and guides all her moves, she gets horny, and her pussy gets wet. She wants to be fucked by her master, who manhandles her so well when he is helping her stretch after the training. But she gets a great idea. She challenges her master to a fight and makes him promise he will do anything she asks if she wins. However, she is no match for the master. He pins her down on the floor in the middle of the dojo, and in a moment of intense eye contact, she grabs his head and starts kissing him. That’s when she admits to the master that she wants to be ravished by his dick. The master is surprised, but he can’t resist Bad Bad’s kisses and her tight wet pussy grinding on his legs. So he agrees to let her get him naked, and the fun begins. She starts sucking his dick, and her oral skills make him moan. She then licks his nipples and takes control of his body, getting on top and riding him hard while screaming. Then she lets him fuck her pussy in many positions. They fuck all over the dojo, including in the locker room and all over the gym machines. At the end of this special naughty training session, Bad Bad wants to feel her master’s cum inside her pussy, and she rides him until he gives her a messy creampie.

    Starring: Bad Bad
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