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    Lucky Guy Fucks Li Er During Lockdown

    Models: Li Er

    Lucky Guy Fucks Li Er During Lockdown

    The lucky guy in this movie is married to a bossy lady who is always nagging him. He doesn’t like his relationship, and the sex is completely absent. That’s why he often dreams of his ex-girlfriend, Li Er, a sweet girl with big titties and a huge sexual appetite. He remembers how he used to fuck her every day and would give anything to fuck her one more time. One day, when his wife sent him to take out the trash, he was stopped by a health worker who told him his building was in quarantine. But after interacting with the worker, he realizes that it’s his very ex-girlfriend under the mask. She tells him she’ll be coming to his house the next day to test him and his wife. But the guy was too horny, and when his ex came for the medical visit, he started kissing her in the living room while the wife was in the kitchen. Not only that they kiss, but he started stripping Li and playing with her huge titties. He even got her to suck on his dick, and he kissed her big round ass. All this while the wife was cooking. At one point, the wife realizes she’s missing some ingredients, so she leaves the apartment. That’s when the cheating husband got his way with Li Er. He took his shot and fucked her hard like he never fucked his wife. He played with those big juicy tits of Li and then he drilled her extra hard to make himself cum on her belly as she was screaming like crazy.

    Starring: Li Er
    Duration: 27:15 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1624.21 MB

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