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    Sexy hot housewife Remi Kawamura is a masochist who loves to dominate

    Models: Remi Kawamura

    Sexy hot housewife Remi Kawamura is a masochist who loves to dominate

    A horny wife at home all day spells trouble for a husband who returns from a long day at work exhausted. Today we have the story of the masochist wife Remi Kawamura . She stays home every day while her husband goes to work. She has much to do around the house and keep her busy like trying on her leather and latex outfits. She likes to order them and then wear them around the house and look at herself in the mirror imagining what she is going to do once her husband gets home. She has a hot lean sexy body and she loves to show it off. She is not shy about what she wants from her husband as well. She makes sure that he gives her all those things she has imagined all day. Today when he gets home she is in a simple leather outfit with knee high boots with garters. She has a whip that she just bought that she is dying to try out on some fresh flesh. She thinks his ass would be a great place to try it out. She has him strip down to his shorts and come into her t0rtvre room. She pulls down his shorts and wh1ps his ass. The new wh1p works well! Then she gets out a candle as she thinks some hot wax on his ass would look lovely. This has turned her on and now her pussy is hungry and she wants a tongue deep inside her. She pulls her panties aside and straddles his face as she sticks his tongue deep inside her. GO see what she does next to her husband!

    Starring: Remi Kawamura
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