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    Taste of Seka (1989)

    Models: Seka
    Taste of Seka (1989)

    What more could be said about the Platinum Princess Of Porn? For her millions of devoted fans, every adjective has been used to describe her delectable breasts, her magnificent body, and her fiery brand of sexuality. In the business were performers come and go, Seka has proven to be the all-time champion of erotica. Passionate, and yet always aloof, she's a unique combination of Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe. Maybe that's her secret...a class act combined with pure sex. Join her now...the lady is waiting!

    Taste of Seka (1989)

    Starring: Seka, Brooke, John Leslie, John Holmes, David Morris
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    Scene 1. Seka, John Leslie
    Scene 2. Seka, Blair Harris
    Scene 3. Seka, David Morris
    Scene 4. Joan Thomas, Seka, John Holmes
    Scene 5. Seka, R.J. Reynolds

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