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    Your Cum Goes Here Young Man

    Models: Katrina Colt
    Your Cum Goes Here Young Man

    When Nick arrives home, Katrina is waiting with a Bible and a plan. Katrina asks Nick why he would want to spray his seed on girls' faces. When Nick says he thinks it'll feel good, his stepmommy snaps that cum doesn't belong there; it belongs in her pussy. When she invites Nick to finger fuck her twat to see what it's like, Katrina knows she is only minutes away from a carnal good time with her stepson. She sucks him down, reveling in how deep she can take him in her mouth. Then she tells Nick that she's going to show him how to make her happy.

    Starring: Katrina Colt
    Duration: 0:31:36 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1974.21 MB
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