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    Rio Haruna gets to suck two men in the secret prison

    Models: Rio Haruna

    Rio Haruna gets to suck two men in the secret prison

    Remember that hottie Miss Rio Haruna that was in the private jail cell? She was here doing some hard time with a cock in her mouth. Just sucking away at that hard cock! She has been in for a few weeks now and she has been a very good jail girl. In fact sometimes the jailer has some of the men come down to visit her. It is usually just a few of the upper managers. But sometimes for fun he will invite a bunch of guys down to have some fun. Miss Rio knows how these sexy times with all these men will gain her favor with the jailer and thus get better treatment and food. Today the jailer has three men come down and check her out. One goes into the cell to make an inspection of her body. He grabs her tits and pulls down her top and licks her nipples. This is all nice and fun and then a couple of other guys wants to come and join. Miss Rio enjoys a hard fucking and if she can pleasure more than one man at a time all the better for her. They take her out of the cell and lay her down and pull off her panties and push back her legs. They are very interested in licking that pussy. They begin to finger fuck her and lick her pussy lips. They hold her legs way back behind her head and several of them push their fingers deep inside her hot pussy. All three men finger her pussy as she moans with pleasure! Go see what else these men do to Miss Rio

    Starring: Rio Haruna
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