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    Connie and Floyd (1973)

    Models: Sandy Dempsey
    Connie and Floyd (1973)

    They rob banks, they drink moonshine, then fuck all day and night. They live the life. Debauchery, deviancy, lust and crime, Connie & Floyd break all boundaries in their quest for ultimate indulgence. Follow them across America as they feed their sins with blood and sex. This is the kind of unique classic that modern film makers do not dare create. Whether it's a good plot containing hardcore fucking or hardcore fucking with that edge you crave getting off, Connie & Floyd will invade your mind, harden your cock and pull you into it's world of crime, moonshine and sex.

    Connie and Floyd (1973)

    Starring: Sandy Dempsey, Genevieve Bouvier, Serg Bonghart
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    Scene 1. Sandy Dempsey, Jim Frost
    Scene 2. Sandy Dempsey, Jim Frost
    Scene 3. brun, Jim Frost
    Scene 4. 2 brun, blonde
    Scene 5. 2 brun, blonde, guy
    Scene 6. blonde, guy
    Scene 7. Sandy Dempsey, Jim Frost

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