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    Top Secret (1982)

    Top Secret (1982)

    Top Secret (1982)

    Starring: Vanessa del Rio, Michale Van Scott
    Categories: Classic
    Date Added: 1982
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    They sent one agent to his S&D den and lost her. The only solution is to hire Juanita, a beautiful hooker, who promises she can take anything he can dish out and still come back with the documents. They didn’t count on how persuasive a S&D master can be, especially one who is extremely handsome, exciting, and knowledgeable in the art of satisfying a helpless bound and thoroughly excited feline who is predisposed to the kinkier things in life!

    Scene 1. Vanessa del Rio, Michale Van Scott
    Scene 2. Vanessa del Rio, Michale Van Scott


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